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Left with Hole After Laser Removal of Flat Mole?

A day ago, I went to a dermatology clinic to have a flat mole removed via laser. I had it done in China and having moles removed by a laser is common. But I was left with a hole the size of a pencil eraser. Will this hole fill up? The doctor said it would take about a week but I am very skeptical and worried considering the size of the hole. I was told not to allow the area come in contact with water for 3 days and was given antibiotic cream to put on the area 2x a day. Please help.

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Mole removal


I would recommend that you see a board certified facial plastic surgeon or dermatologist for an evaluation.  It may take some more time for the area to heal. 

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Mole removal with a hole through a laser removal method


This is normal and in fact you are likely to get a better result than someone who has a flat area after laser removal. This means that the mole was completely vaporized with less damage around the mole. Give it some time.

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