Left Breast Implant Revision less than 4 weeks ago. When will it drop? (photo)

 I had a left breast revision a little over 3 weeks ago and it has not moved at all. The breast did not have a crease and was slightly uncomfortable. The doctor went in and 'over exaggerated' that breast. He used vicry sutures. He told me it will drop in 1-2 months and could possibly drop all at once. I'm regretting my decision to get this revision so close to summer. I'm stressed about it. When should I see this thing drop? Please advise.

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Left Breast Implant Revision less than 4 weeks ago. When will it drop?

Something is seriously incorrect. Over the internet we can not examine you!!! Best to seek immediate in person second opinions... 

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Recovery questions after breast implant revision: only your plastic surgeon knows

Without a lot more information it is just not possible for anyone to offer specific advice online in situations like yours. Judging from the picture, it appears that you may have had a tubular breast, and a high implant. I would be surprised if it dropped enough to match the other side but as I said there is just no way to know. Stay in close contact with your plastic surgeon.

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