Can I have electric treatments carried out on the areas injected with Sculptra?

I have had a sculptra injected around the areas of my cheekbones, 1 vial only, and am wondering knowing that the results will only begin to appear 6-8 weeks onwards by building my own collagen. Will use of electric facial treatments such as galvanic/ultrasound/ mesotherapy/needlefreemesotherapy inhibit the results or are they compatible? I have heard that it is not advisable to use electric facial treatments on the areas where the fillers have been injected because they dissolve quicker.

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Electric treatments in areas treated by Sculptra

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There are no reasons to avoid these treatments over an area treated with Sculptra, but I am concerned that you may not see any benefit.  There is no evidence of benefit for any of the treatments you listed, and I am wondering if you should not save your money and spend it on treatments with proven effectiveness.

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