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Will a Lower Body Lift Address Loose Skin After Lipo?

Hello, I had Lipo done on all areas of my legs 1.5 years ago. I also had a BA I am very happy with. However, my Lipo left excess skin and folds on my thighs. My PS already expected I would need to come back for a TL. My question is, what type of procedure will I most benefit from? If I can get a TT as well, I will get that too. My biggest concern is my thighs. If getting my TT means not getting the inner thighs done, then I would rather have my inner thighs and leave my tummy alone.

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Body Lifting After Liposuction

After reviewing your photos it would appear that a lower body lift may be helpful for you. Patients with less than ideal skin tone who undergo liposuction can experience laxity and wrinkling of their skin post operatively. If this bothers you, then a partial or complete belt lift will help most but not all of your laxity and wrinkling. This procedure will help contour your abdomin, lteral thighs, waist and buttocks. I was not able to assess your inner thighs from your photos, but if liposuction was all that you needed then you could do this at the same time as your bodily lift. If an inner thigh lift is needed then you would have to do this at another time. Good luck.
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High Tension Abdominoplasty helps to pull up and tighten up the thighs


people who have either had weight loss, or after pregnancy, or even after liposuction can develop loss skin of the thighs and buttocks. Some Dr. recommend a body lift, but in my experience a high tension abdominoplasty can make a big difference by also pulling up the outer and inner thighs and even the buttocks to some extend.

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Loose skin after liposuction--is a lower body lift the next step?


Yours is an unfortunate example of why skin tone is so important to assess before liposuction. (Partially) emptying out the skin envelope (liposuction is fat removal) in a patient without adequate elasticity only causes more laxity, looseness, and ripples or cellulite. Tightening the skin via buttock lift or lateral thigh lift will help deal with this issue, but will probably not completely eliminate the contour irregularities. If you are in need of a tummy tuck also, then a full circumferential beltlift (lower body lift) will deal with the entire abdominal laxity, as well as the thighs, hips, and buttocks. The inner thighs are helped only slightly with a tummy tuck or beltlift, but a separate medial (inner) thigh lift may be necessary for maximum improvement in these areas, dependent on each individual patient. For an example of liposuction (poor result) I improved with tummy tuck, click on the link below.

I would not recommend tummy tuck AND inner thigh lift at the same operation, partly because there IS a beneficial effect on the inner thighs with tummy tuck alone. It will not solve major loose inner thigh skin, but can make enough improvement that "less" of a medial thigh lift may be required, so always do the TT before inner thigh lift.

A Lockwood type I lower body lift combines the medial thigh lift with a lateral thigh and buttock lift. I usually reserve this operation for patients who have already had a tummy tuck. In your case, the tummy tuck plus buttock and lateral thigh lift (the same thing as a lower body lift, circumferential beltlift, or Lockwood type II procedure) is the best single operation to deal with your tummy, lateral thigh, and buttock concerns.

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Tummy Tuck and Medial Thigh Lift?


Thank you for the question and pictures.

It would behoove you to be examined in person  by a well experienced  board certified plastic surgeon. You will find that each surgeon may give you different advice regarding combining procedures.

Personally, I would suggest that you have the medial thigh lift done first ( since it is your primary concern). For a variety of reasons I do not do medial thigh lifting and tummy tuck surgery at the same time.

I hope this helps.

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Lower body lift


I usually will avoid performing a thigh lift at the same time as a tummy tuck. The complication rate with thigh lift is high and an infection that might connect to the abdomen could be a significant complication.

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Body lift, Tummy tuck,Loose skin after lipo


A lower body lift, which is a tummy tuck and buttock lift, can remove skin in both the front(tummy) and back of the body. I do this for patients that have lost a lot of weight. It is difficult to see from your photos whether you would benefit from this or another procedure or even Thermage, a nonsurgical tightening. 

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Loose skin after lipo


You cover alot of ground in this question. The photos do not show your abdomen making it difficult to comment on the impact of the abdominal procedure relative to the thighs.

The lower body lift is an excellent operation to contour the abdomen, outer thigh and buttock. There is a minor contribution to the medial thigh but the inner thigh procedure is a separate operation. There is a variation of the body lift which contours the inner and outer thigh along with the buttock which can be done when the abdominal contour is good.

Seek out a board certified plastic surgeon with experience in these procedures. Choosing the right operation for you will require a formal evaluation and in depth discussion of your options.

Good luck and I hope this was helpful.

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