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Repairing Lax Muscles After Tummy Tuck?

Standing, tummy is very flat. It hangs only when I bend over. Is it possible to tighten muscles through belly button?

I know I need a belly button revision so I am hoping at that time he can repair the muscle too. I can suck it in really concave when standing so I beleive more tightening is needed.

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A muscle repair may not be necessary.


I am lacking a little bit of info here?

Did you have a muscle repair the first time?

A muscle repair can be performed throught the belly button but it is not that easy and not generally as complete as an open repair.

I have found that if you have a mild degreee of muscle laxity and minimal diastasis, you can achieve a very nice improvement through core strenghtening excercises as advocated by Pilates and Yoga regimens.

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It is a natural ocurrence to have some fullness when bending over


I assume that during your tummy tuck your muscles were repaired. If so, it is a natural ocurrence to have some fullness when bending over. The organs inside your abdomen will press on the anterior part of the abdomen giving some fullness.

If, however, you did not have your muscles repaired during abdominoplasty, a repair can be done through your belly button scar, although it may be limited and not complete.

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