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Lasik Vs Prk on High Prescription (-9) and Borderline Cornea (548 Microns)?

I've had 2 opinions for my -9 prescription and 548 corneas. Which would be a better procedure for me - Lasik or PRK? One doc recommended PRK and the other one said that PRK wasn't even an option b/c of risk of haze with high myopia. Also - how long should i leave my contacts out before procedure. I am 40 and have been wearing soft contacts for 26 years. Doc said 3-4 days but I heard two weeks? Will leaving contacts out affect corneal thickness? Thank you!

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There are more variables than just your prescription and your corneal thickness in this decision. If you are uncertain, consult with another doctor. I would advise a fellowship trained corneal specialist. The risks and benefits of both options need to be clearly explained and then you can come to a decision together with the surgeon. As for the contacts, it varies by surgeon preference, I would say 3 days is minimum, a week is plenty since you have no significant astigmatism.

New York Ophthalmologist

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