Laser Scars Not Healing, What Can I Do?

i had laser treatment a month ago to soften the appearance of my brown spot (freckles). during the laser treatment, it felt like a rubber band snapped directly onto freckles/spot. it bleed on all the spots which got treated, and the bleeding heal after 3 days, and after 10 days, the spots become pink. slowly, the pink turns to brown and now, in a month, each spot gets darker (even more apparent than before), and i have more brown spots now (some are laser scars). Please help!

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Laser and Brown Spots

hney- It sounds like you are getting hyperpigmentation after the laser treatment.  Typically if someone is getting hyperpigmentation I will recommend a broad-spectrum sunscreen and I will consider using topical hydroquinone creams.    Wearing daily sunscreen, preferably containing zinc oxide, is a must.    You should go back to whoever treated you as soon as possible so that they can give you specific recommendations on what to do.

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