Which Should I Do First: Laser Hair Removal or Varicose Vein Removal?

I'm considering both treatments in the future, but I don't know which treatment I should do first, laser hair removal or varicose vein removal. What's healthier? Or which treatment is recommended to be done first?

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Laser hair removal and leg vein treatment

Either procedure would be acceptable as a first procedure. In general, lasers are slightly different in their effect; one laser is designed for veins and one the other designed for hair removal. You should keep in mind, given the upcoming summer season, that the laser treatments could sensitize your skin to sun exposure. Check with your doctor to see if he ors he has a preference regarding which area to treat first.

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Laser hair removal or varicose vein treatment can be done in any order.

Laser hair removal and laser treatment of varicose veins are both great procedures, when done by an experienced technicial with appropriate lasers. The wavelength used is different for each procedure, and each may require multiple treatments to get the result you want. I does not matter in what order you undergo these procedures, do what bothers you most first. It is possible to do one treatment one week, and the other the next. Neither causes skin breakdown, but vascular laser may cause bruising which should be allowed to clear up before treating again.

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Laser hair removal and vein treatment

This is a very important question as it addresses important misconceptions about varicose veins and laser hair removal. The methods used to treat these conditions are different and have little to no impact on each other.

In terms of laser treatment, the chromophore target of each laser is different and will not affect the other. In laser hair removal, we target the melanin in the hair follicle and this has no effect on the veins. In laser vein removal, we target the hemoglobin in the blood, and it has no affect on the hair.

There are also many medical treatments of vein treatment that should also be addressed by a specialist. Always go to a specialist who is board certified by the American Board of Phlebology (Vein Surgery).

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Laser hair removal and leg vein treatment

Leg veins are more commonly treated by injection rather than laser. Larger veins may be treated by lasers within the vessel rather than through the epidermis of the skin. Some vessels need to be removed surgically. Both laser hair removal and leg vein injections and leg vein laser treatment through the epidermis involve a series of treatments. Leg vein injections may involve the same depth of treatment as laser hair removal so you should see a physician in consultation to determine exactly what treatments are best for. I am not aware of complications with both laser hair removal and leg vein injection treatment for very tiny superficial veins done at the same time, but theoretically there may be an effect on the circulation of the local area around the leg vein treated skin area which may not allow it to heal well after laser hair removal. It would be best to space the treatment out between these two treatments.

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Laser Hair Removal Before Varicose Veins

It is better to do the laser hair removal first. After the surgery for varicose veins you will need some healing time. Also in the incision areas you can develop hyperpigmentation (darkness of skin) which can preclude the use of laser hair removal or its effectiveness.


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Laser hair removal and varicose vein removal

These are two completely different issues, and it probably doesn't matter which you do first. When you say varicose vein removal, I'm not sure if you are talking about surgical removal of large varicose veins, or if you are actually referring to the smaller veins, commonly treated with lasers or injections.

Larger veins can be removed surgically or treated with a special laser inside the vein - this is usually performed by an interventional radiologist or vascular surgeon. You would have a diagnostic duplex ultrasound procedure prior to any such intervention, to evaluate the deep veins of your legs. Smaller spider veins would then be treated with injection or laser, which usually requires about 3 sessions.

Laser hair removal requires multiple sessions with the laser targeting the hair follicle below the skin. Other than avoiding the immediate recovery period after an endo laser or surgical varicose vein removal, you could do treatments before and/or after these procedures, or even at the same visit if you're just getting leg veins lasered or injected.

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