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How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost for Full Legs?

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Laser hair removal legs


Laser hair removal on the legs can vary in price and speed safety and efficacy. Choosing the right laser for the right skin type is the key. We always tried to avoid packages as they do not allow for tailoring the laser hair removal to the patients needs. Too many times patients will get a unlimited package for one year deal at a spa and then it doesnt work despite getting many treatments because the laser is at the wrong settings to optimize the results. In addition, you do not benefit from lasers spaced too close together so the spa will limit the treatments in this way. So read the fine print when you get your price quotes. 1. What laser or lasers do they have to remove hair. 2. What is best for your skin type and hair type. 3. How often do you need to come in 4. How many treatments do you expect .  If you can find a dermatologist office that offers laser hair removal like ours does then it may be worth your time and money to see a specialist in hair and skin.

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Cost of laser hair removal

Beware of laser hair removal prices that are TOO low.  There are many low priced lasers that simply don't work, therefore, the prices are lower than you would expect to pay. On the other hand, the very best lasers have more power and a larger spot size. The large spot size allows the laser energy to reach the root of the hair even when it is deep. It also allows for a faster treatment. I my practice, we use top of the line lasers that work very fast and are equipped not to need a cool down time, so we can charge less and still be profitable
Look for physician owned and operated laser hair removal centers that are truly medical facilities. Also be certain a laser center has multiple laser as no single frequency works for all skin  types.  

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Cost for laser hair removal to legs


Costs are intensely variable with laser hair removal. There are many places that literally could charge you $100 for a full treatment to the legs, which in no way would be a full treatment. Offices that are run and overseen by physicians will have higher pricetags, but better results, safety, treatments, etc. My office charges a flat hourly rate of $500 per hour, so if it's less than that, you pay less, more than that, you pay more. A good full leg treatment should take about 45-60 minutes average. Buyer beware with laser hair removal I always say. Cheap treatments are just that - cheap for a reason.

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