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How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost?

I get a lot of razor bumps on my legs and so I want to try laser hair removal to see if that will fix my problem.  I know it won't be cheap, but what is the cost of laser hair removal?  Is there any way to tell how many laser hair treatments I will probably need before commiting to several treatments up front?

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The Cost of Laser Hair Removal in Richmond, Virginia


The cost of laser hair removal is dependent on a number of factors.  The location on the body, the type of practice (physician's office versus medispa), and the type of laser used.  In our practice the price ranges from $100 for a single small facial area to $750 for legs.  Please be aware that most areas require mutiple treatments to completely remove the hair.

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Laser hair removal treatments and cost

Some laser practices seem reluctant offer specific prices online, or even over the phone.  Below are the prices in my Raleigh, NC laser hair removal center:

Some laser centers might answer that laser hair removal is $79 per month.  I think it is wrong to offer cookie cutter packages and financing for laser hair removal. People respond differently and treatments should be paid for one at a time.  Many people spend much more than they need to spend if they elect not to pay for individual treatments. Not everyone requires the same number of treatments. In my laser hair removal center, do not offer laser hair removal packages and we never ask for payments of multiple treatments up front. On average, people need between 5-8 treatments for complete clearance of hair, although very light hair will generally not respond well to laser hair removal. Some offices will often provide a test spot during a consultation to see how one responds.
A large spot size (18mm) means deeper penetration and a more effective treatment.. it also means a faster treatment. So, although the lasers we use in our office are more expensive than many lasers on the market, the treatments are much faster and we are able to charge less for laser hair removal treatments while still being profitable.

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Laser Hair Removal Cost

Laser hair removal cost will vary depending on what area of the body is treated and and where the procedure is performed.  Smaller areas, such as the upper lip, will start around $100 per treatment.  Larger areas, such as under arms or bikini, will range from $200 to $300 per treatment.  Generally, around 5 - 6 treatments will be required for best results and "touch up" treatments will be required to fully maintain the hair reduction.  We sell packages where you get 6 treatments for the price of 5.  The reason multiple treatments are required because hair growth is cyclical.  Three phases of hair growth are anagen (growth), catagen (regression) and telogen (resting).  At any one time, your hairs are in different stages of the growth cycle.  Unfortunately, the hair can only be treated with a laser during the anagen or growth phase.  As a single treatment is performed, only a percentage of the hairs are treated.  The hairs in the catagen and telogen phases are not treatable and will continue to grow normally.  This can give the appearance that the hairs have grown back or the treatment has failed.  Therefore, we stage laser hair removal to best target the hairs in the active growth phase.

 Also, the cost will vary with where the procedure is performed.  Med spas that do not have a physician on site will likely be cheaper.  Whereas, treatments that are personally overseen by a board certified plastic surgeon tend to be more expensive.  Remember, when trying to determine the value of a service that you are also paying for the expertise of the individual performing the treatments, not just the machine.  

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Cost for hair removal


Cost of hair removal varies by area and the size of the area. It also depends how thick your hair is, and how many sessions you really need.

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Laser Hair Removal Cost


It all depends on the hair density we usually do a patch test to give a quote but it could start from $150 per area. It also depends on the practice and the city that you live on.

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Laser Hair Removal Cost


Prices vary widely from clinic to clinic. Depending on your location, the practicioner, and the area of your body you want treated, the price can change. It is best to go in for a consultation to determine an exact cost. 

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The cost of laser hair removal


Laser hair removal price is dependant on the amount of time needed to treat the desired area.  Larger areas and dense hair need more and longer treatments.  The larger the area or more hair to be removed the more expensive it is.  Laser hair removal is generally sold in packages of treatments since the average area takes many treatments for a good result.  Our practice sells packages of 8 treatments with free touch ups to the area over 2 years.  This ensures the maximum result to the area.  Prices of the package can range from $400 to $1500.

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Pricing for laser hair removal


The pricing for laser hair removal depends on multiple factors. 1) area to be treated 2) size of specific area 3) laser that will be used- as some lasers can treat much faster than others. 4) if there are any special risk factors that could slow you down and/ or add risk and potential complications - like tattoos. 5) who will be performing the hair removal- the doctor or the physician assistant or laser technician . good luck

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Getting Laser Hair Removal solves the bumps problem


We price Laser Hair Removal by the area. The uncertain thing is how many treatments you will need. Therefore, I usually recommend only paying for the treatments you need, not "package pricing."

The number needed can vary from person to person for the same area. The number can also vary from body part to body part within the same person. I have seen some patients be hair free in as few as 3 treatments and some who have taken over 10 treatments.

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Cost of Laser Hair Removal


The cost of hair removal can vary depending on the area being treated and the Dr. or Spa that is doing the procedure. Most offices have specials on packages so you can save some money. I would recommend you call a few places in your area that offer hair removal and compare pricing. Please remember that cheaper isn't always the best route. I would find a office where a DR. is on staff. I would then have a consultation and make sure your a good canidate for the procedure.

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