Thread Vein Laser Treatment Caused Neuralgia

i had laser on my upper lip for a thread vein. I screamed when it was being done (as if my nerve had been hit). after the treatment i came out in a tiny white blister, which turned into a scab and then I suffered naurolgia for the first time. my gp agrees it is due to the treatment i had for my lip. is my mylene sheath damaged will i suffer with attack on and off for life?

I am now on medication for this. what are my chances of getting better?

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Neuralgia not likely after laser treatment of lips - Buffalo Niagara, NY

I concur with the other physicians who have answered this question for you.

I have never read, nor have I heard or seen permanent nerve damage from lasers applied to superficial capillaries, veins or hemangiomas of the lips. 

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Vein Treatment

A neurologistst can make the best assessment of this.  Your nerve would have to be very superficial for the laser to be reaching the myelin sheath.

Vivek Bansal, MD
Danville Plastic Surgeon
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