LASIK Eye Surgery?

Had Lasek eye sugery on both eyes - left eye in 04/12 - right eye 06/12. Vision in left eye took a long time to settle but in july i had 20/20 vision in both eyes. Since then there has been a serious deterioration in the vision in my left eye - caused by 'haze'.(stopped driving as it felt unsafe) Using FML drops (fluorometholone)- 3 times a day for 4 wks. Panicing now and really worried although consultant is optimistic that it can be rectified - did everything as required - any advice?

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LASIK Eye Surgery?

LASEK (surface ablation) can result in haze in the superficial cornea.  Was mitomyin-C (a medication to prevent haze) used?  If there is significant haze now, it can be treated; whether or not to have the treatment depends on how much haze there is and what your refraction is. 

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