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Laproscopic Diastais Repair?

(Sorry for the Choppy Language in Details but Space Became Limited) Apparent failed repair (full TT - high lateral tension). Surgery went well, looking forward to great results but ... pain meds -> vomiting (severe?) for several days post-op, developed LE DVT ~1wk post-op despite compression (likely due to unknown May-Thurner, now stented), 3wk post-op thrombolysis cleared clot. Now 5+wk post-op. No compression since 1wk post-op but wearing binder since 4wk post-op. Distended & misshapen abdomen. No seroma. If confirmed by sonogram, is laproscopic best option?

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Revision of tummy tuck after DVT


Sorry to hear about all the trouble with your tummy tuck, however a revision is also likely to produce a risk of a recurrent DVT. The history of a prior DVT is high risk for another, and any surgery will need special precaution.

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