Can I Use Kojic Acid / Hydroquinone Cream when I Am Undergoing Salicylic Acid Peels?

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KojicAcid/Hydroquinone Cream

Using Kojic Acid/Hydroquinone Cream is great to use as a melanin suppressant. This is a great cream to use at home in between many esthetic services. It depends on the individual and their skin tone also why their aesthetician is doing the peel and its strength. To be on the safe side always stop using the cream 1 week before any large skin treatment and ask the clinician when you should start back up on it.

Gilbert Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Kojic Acid/ Hydroquinone Cream

You can use Kojic Acid and Hydroquinone cream but it is best to wait about a week after doing a Salicylic Acid peel.

Jeffrey W. Hall, MD
Austin Plastic Surgeon
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Prescription skin care products and chemical peels

It is generally advised to discontinue prescription skin creams 1 week prior to a chemical peel, and one week post. Mild soaps and moisturizers and and SPF of a 30 at least should be used during this period. 

Michael J. Brown, MD
Leesburg Plastic Surgeon
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