Age 15, Would Like to Improve Appearance. Round Nose, Uneven Eyes, Round Face? (photo)

Hi! I'm fifteen. My face is not entirely "ugly", but surely it could look better. I have really thought about plastic surgery for a while and have talked with my parents about it. But I'm not sure what should I get, or what are my options. I know I'm still growing and I haven't full develop but still I wanna go ahead with it. So basically the things I don't like about my face are: Nose: the round tip bothers me. Eyes: I think they look uneven. Face shape: it's too round! My chubby cheeks.

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Plastic surgery for teens

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Having plastic surgery that makes changes to your body or face in your teens is very emotional and can be very traumatic.  Your body and face is still developing.  I would encourage you to wait at least until you are 21 and then re-evaluate.  You may feel you are beautiful and be glad you did not make permanent changes to your face.

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