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Post-op Tummy Tuck Supplies

What Kind of Supplies Should I Have at Home After Tt ?

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Getting ready for tummy tuck


The most important preparation before tummy tuck is completing errands, shopping and bills, finish the laundry, and preparing simple meals to have at the ready so you can relax and stay pressure free the first week or so. In our practice we don't use drains, and send individuals home with everything needed. Generally, we do not use dressings after three days. The easiest way to cover your tummy is with white cotton T shirts large enough to cover your bottom. The T shirt goes on with the binder over to keep skin dry and comfortable.

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Tummy Tuck - Post-op Tummy Tuck Supplies


We send patients home with appropriate bandages and supplies for the first few days.  However, we usually advise that they purchase some abdominal pads, newborn diapers (good for absorbing some drainage), Depends (good to have in case there's continued drainage while you're walking around), some Chucks (plastic covered sheets) and - perhaps most of all - that they put old sheets on the bed (save the high-thread count for a few weeks later), cover up any light-colored carpeting and use old towels for showers.  No reason to get your best linens messy..

I hope that this helps, and good luck,

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Post tummy-tuck instructions


Following a tummy tuck, most plastic surgery practices will provide you with a garment or binder. It is often useful to have a second garment available while the first is in the wash. Otherwise, there is usually no need for further supplies.

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Recovery after tummy tuck


You may want to have an extra garment as one may become soiled with blood or fluid from the surgery. You will also need to empty the drains and may need a container to measure the amounts. Be sure to have your prescriptions filled out before hand also.

Your plastic surgeon will be able to give you more specifics regarding your recovery.

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Supplies at home


In my practice, we will provide most of your post-operative garments and dressings.  I would wait and see if you need any additional supplies post-operatively.

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Tummy tuck supplies post-op


We provide our patients with all of the medicines, supplies and garments that are needed post-op. Basic supplies like medical tape and 4 x 4 gauze might be helpful to have around the house. The most important thing to have at your immediate disposal is a good assistant to help with the early recovery phase of this operation.

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Preparing for Tummy Tuck Surgery


This is an excellent question. Being prepared for your surgery will make your recovery that much easier. Make sure to get your prescriptions filled in advance, and keep notes on when you take your medications, it is easy to forget or sleep through a scheduled dosage. Ask your surgeons office for a second garment so you can always have a fresh one. Prepare and freeze some of your favorite foods in advance. Be sure you have someone staying with you the first few days you are home to assist you with meals, going to the bathroom and keeping track of your medications. Plan your wardrobe with things that open in the front and are easy to get on and off. Also have shoes that you can slip on so you don't have to bend over and tie them. Extra pillows are good, you may find it more comfortable to sleep with one under your knees. Best wishes for a fast recovery.

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Post-op tummy tuck supplies


You should really direct this question to your surgeon because all are different.  You may want to have extra gauze or strer-strips or even another garment to wear post tummy tuck.  Consider old sheets on your bed as well as multiple pillows or even a semi-reclining chair at home.

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TT home supplies


After abdomionplasty, we typically provide all of the supplies needed.  Some will apply bacitracin ointment, unless we've used glue - that's a new and popular technique that we're doing.

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