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What Kind of Laser? Considering IPL / Fraxel

I have a flat, pink/red mark on my face from a previous acne scab I am looking to get lasered. When I touch the mark, it gets red, it is also itchy from time to time...I do not sleep on it because that seems to irritate the is about the size of a quarter. I've been using tretinoin cream and it only seems to irritate it or do nothing. I was considering chemical peels as well, though I had a 20% TCA done about 8 months ago with no visible improvement. I went any idea what I should do?

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Laser consideration


Best is to first get the lesion evaluated by a dermatologist to make the proper diagnosis, and then appropriate treatment can be planned

Toronto Dermatologist
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Red mark on face


I think you need to be properly evaluated. If it is a red mark like a scab, sometimes IPL can help.  Good luck.

Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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Get a diagnosis first


I would recommend you have the area evaluated.  It is possible you have a spot of seborrheic dermatitis or even an early skin cancer.  Please have it checked out by your dermatologist first.

Walnut Creek Dermatologic Surgeon
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