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2 weeks post op Mohs on Scalp, why does the skin die? Will I have problems later?

It looks like a whole at the top of incision, and white skin that has died, Why does the skin die and will i have problems later?

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Keep the area moist!

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Make sure you keep putting on an ointment such as Vaseline and Aquaphor. This helps the skin cells move better and heal faster. Keep a Band-aid on the area until it is fully healed. You can "test" the area by gently wiping it with a gauze soaked in hydrogen peroxide - look for fizzing, which means that it hasn't healed yet. Keep the area moistened until it is healed. 

After the area is healed, it might have a small divot. Give your body some time to heal the area on its own. There are some cosmetic procedures you can do to improve the divot - please discuss this with your dermatologist. Keep your regular follow-up appointments to make sure you are healing well!

Good luck!

San Francisco Dermatologic Surgeon
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Mohs on scalp

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Your site should be closing up. It sounds like your Mohs site was left to close by secondary intention. Meaning no stitches or flaps. This is common for a small site on the scalp. Keep the area clean and moist. If you have questions about how it is healing or any concerns, see your doctor to follow-up in person.

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F. Victor Rueckl, MD
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