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Does Kenalog Get Rid of Swelling from Allergic Reaction?

I had juvederm two months ago i hated it and my philtrim (skin above upperlp) looked long and strange must be the way she injectedd as i looked like that after three weeks so had the hyalase it been a month after that now and though my lip shape is back to normal i am still swollen. My philtrim is all swollen and still looks long and wierd. I dont know whether it becuase i had an allergic reaction to the hyalase or the juvederm but the swelling is not getting any better. would kenalog help?

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Kenalog and swelling


If you feel that the area is swollen, especially if tender, a shot of intramuscular kenalog might help. If you have no contraindications you doctor would probably be willing to give that a shot(no pun intended).

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