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Treatment for Keloid on Head Area?

What can I do for a keloid that has formed in the back of the head area? It is about the size of a penny or bigger. I've already had an injection awhile back, but it just made it harder. What else should I need to know and ask my doctor about?

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Treating Keloid scars on the face and head


Keloid scars are common on the face and head. Kenalog injection is a mainstay of therapy for keloids and despite the assumption in your question, do not make keloids worse or harder. Your keloid scar is likely in a proliferative stage and will likely worsen unless aggressively treated. I would continue Kenalog injection, topical therapy, and consider surgery.

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Inject straight Kennalog 10


If your keloid did not respond to the normal Kennalog, perhaps injecting with Kennalog 10 mg./cc would help. If your skin is not too pigmented this can also be done with cryotherapy at the same time.

If this fails, after say three attempts, the keloid can be excised. Your surgeon should be sure to go down into the fat. Afterwards compressing with Aldara might help. Dr. Brian Berman of the University of MIami, published an article that showed imiquimod (Aldara) can help prevent the regrowth of keloids. Steroid injections also help prevent the regrowth of the keloid.

If you live in Virginia, Dr. Kelman Cohen is doing experimental work on keloids and you might contact him at the Medical College of Virginia in Richmond. He is chairman of the Plastic Surgery department there.

Virginia Beach Dermatologist
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