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I Have a Keloid on my Tongue?

About two years ago I got my tongue pierced with no problems, a year ago I tore the piercing due to playing with it. I started to form a small keloid that slowly grew bigger. It stopped growing about four months ago but I'm afraid it might be getting bigger again. I now have a pea sized keloid around my piercing, what do I do?

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Possible keloid on tongue


It's possible that the growth on your tongue is a keloid, but it may just be a normal scar.  I would recommend seeing a facial plastic surgeon or oral surgeon to have your tongue examined.  It's possible that a minor excision of the mass could be needed to remove it.  

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Treatment of keloids within the mouth - Los Angeles


Keloids of the tongue are rare, but can occur.  Treatment should be started early to prevent functional problems with the tongue. Raffy Karamanoukian, Los Angeles

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