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Kell Funnel : Can You Insert Any Size of Implant?

Good morning all, here is my question for today: is there any implant size limitation when using the Keller Funnel? Does the length of the scar varies at all if the implant is bigger? Thanks a lot!

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Implant size limits through the keller funnel


Yes, there is a limit of the size of implant that can be used through the Keller funnel. Generally the bigger the implant size (up to 800cc) the longer the skin incision will need to be made to accommodate the implant.  I just returned from a conference where this was presented and spoke with the manufacturer.

It is an interesting device to use but can be difficult with very large implants (800cc).

Best wishes,

Dr. Bruno

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Keller funnel


The keller funnel is a cool idea but expensive to use.  It is basically like a pastry icer that you squeeze an impalnt through.  You can use it for all sizes of implants usually through a slightly smaller incision.

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Keller Funnel and Implant Size


Thanks for the question.

The Keller Funnel can be utilized to insert implants up to roughly 800ccs. You must keep in mind that the device does not guarantee the ability to insert any implant into any size breast. The quality of the breast tissue and dimensions of the chest wall are a large determinant of the final implant size. In general, the Keller Funnel will limit the incision length and in theory, it has a "no touch" advantage over conventional placement of implants which could reduce the exposure of the implant to the atmosphere and subsequently diminish the risk of capsular contracture. This hypothesis is purely anecdotal at this point, however. 

Warmest Regards,

Glenn Vallecillos, M.D., F.A.C.S.

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Funnel for silicone breast implant placement allows slighlty (not significant) smaller incision


A slighlty smaller incision is possible with the Keller funnel, but in my opinion, it is not a significant difference
The Keller funnel has markings on it to allow increasing implant diameters, It is really intended for silicone implants and the largest silicones available are in the 800 cc range which is possible.

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More information on the Keller Funnel


I began using the Keller Funnel a few months ago and have noticed that I need a smaller incision to place my implants.  That being said, you still need to make a reasonable incision so that there is not an undue amount of tension placed upon the implant during insertion.  For the most part, I am using implants around the 350-500cc range and finding that I can place them through a 4 cm incision without any significant difficulty using the Funnel. 

The other advantage is the fact that fewer hands are touching the implant and so, theoretically, there may be a lower risk for contamination and ultimately capsular contracture. 

I hope that helps!

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It is just another toy


I have been doing augmentations for over 35 years, I have never had a problem getting almost any size implant in through a 4 - 5 cm incision - either circumareolar or infamammary. As I learned on silicone implants in the 70's it is natural for me to do them now.

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The size of the scar will increase with the increasing size of the implant that is being placed. The funnel will facilitate the placement through a smaller incision

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Keller funnel expedites placement of smooth silicone gel implants


As a small woman surgeon, I concur that the Keller funnel has expedited the operative time, allowed direct placement of the implant from the factory packaging, directly into the surgical site and been compatible with a smaller incision.  One observation: I haven't been successful in using it with textured implants.  The rigidity of the implant tends to exert pressure on the icing bag, causing it to fail.  Other devices have been proposed to ensure a "no touch" technique, such as the Mladick "sheath" and draping off the surgical field with temporary plastic drapes.  I've used alot and favor this innovation, despite its expense. 

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Implant and incision size with the Keller Funnel


I haven't personally tested the limit of implant size/volume with the Keller funnel but it's set up such that it can be cut off and the incision adjusted for larger gel-filled implants. It's most helpful in controlling the flow of the implant when the volume of the implant is such that you can't get your hand around the implant to control it. For average size male hands (7 1/2 gloves) this means implants larger than about 325 cc. It also allows for smaller incisions with gel implants than would be generally used without the funnel. 

Saline-filled breast implants can be put in through a 2 cm incision regardless of the size of the implant because they come empty and can be rolled up and placed and then filled in place. This is one of the advantages of the saline-filled breast implant. I used to feel that all pre-filled gel breast implants needed an incision of 4 1/2 cm but I found that with the Keller funnel I could get this down to a 3 1/4 cm incisions at least with implants in the 300 range. The drawback is that they add considerable expense to the facility fee to carry out an augmentation procedure and are not meant to be used repeatedly. 

Denver Plastic Surgeon
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Keller funnel works for all implants.


The Keller funnel works well for all implants sizes. It may require a slightly larger incision for larger implants. It does reduce operating time but is expensive.

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