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With Juvederm, can you get side effect lumps a year later??

I had juvederm injected into nasolabial folds and lips 12/2012. A month ago (11/2013) I had 2 subcutaneous bumps appear around the injection sites and 1 in my bottom lip. Sizes of bb pellet to a pinky fingernail. They are immobile and when scanned with ultrasound do NOT have cystic characteristics. Can't see unless I stretch my skin. Dermatologist gave Augmentin and 21 day course of Prednisone...they started to decrease in size. But now are back and new ones formed too. ANY SUGGESTIONS?

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Lumps a year after Juvederm injections.

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Thank you for your question. Perhaps consider a hyaluronidase injection for the small bumps. Schedule an appointment with your injector to discuss treatment. 


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Juvederm Recovery

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Dear Jen, I would see your injecting surgeon for a post operative examination. Sometimes when Juvederm is injected to superficially you may have a lump at the injection site however these typically would have appeared directly after the injection and then dissipate over time. Best to see your injecting surgeon for a full discussion. Best regards and Happy New Year. Michael V. Elam, M.D.

Michael Elam, MD
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