6 weeks post-op and I still feel my tip is stiff and hard, also it still looks like a clown. Is it swelling? (photos)

I had a small bump removed and my tip is pushed a little up and a small deviation is corrected in the tip...if it is all swelling , when shall i start to feel that my tip is more refined ? And also i feel.my swelling increases in the morning. Will this improve ?

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6 weeks post-op and I still feel my tip is stiff and hard, also it still looks like a clown. Is it swelling?

Tip welling can take 6 to 9 months to resolve. Best you discuss this concept with your operative surgeon in person... 

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6 wks post rhinoplaty

At 6 weeks post rhinoplasty, it is common to have a lot of swelling. Best to give it time to settle down. This may take several months.

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Nasal tip swelling

Resolution of swelling is a gradual process.  The biggest changes are within the first couple of months but will change to some degree over the ensuing year.  A major factor that effects when you see the definition you are hoping for is the thickness of your nasal skin.  In the presence of thicker skin it commonly takes longer to get the desired refinement.  It is not uncommon for people at one month after surgery to feel their nose is still a little wider than they want.  When the nose is swollen the fluctuation that you note is very common.  When you lay down at night the swelling increases and then as you are up and about during the day it will go down.  As a quick fix you can put ice on the nose in the morning to help bring the swelling down.  If the swelling is taking longer than expected to resolve Kenalog (steroid) can be injected to accelerate the process.

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