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Its Been All Most 3 Weeks Since my Tummy Tuck, Just Started my Menstral Cycle, I Am Swollen More Now?

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Swelling takes 6- 9 months for it to subside. You being on your menstrual do tend to swell you up a little more. You should be wearing your compression garments as much as you can.


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Swelling after a Tummy Tuck


Depending upon the type of tymmy tuck, swelling will fluctate for as long as 6-9 months post-procedure. Many women feel they swell more during their menstrual cycle. Time, patience, and adherence to the use of any garments prescribed are recommended.

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Swelling and Tummy Tucks


It takes SEVERAL months for all swelling to subside after a full tummy tuck. It is normal to have some additional swelling during your menstral cycle.

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