I Have Itchy Breast, Implants, What Can I Do?

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Post operative healing after breast augmentation , enlargement

i agree that we need more information.  early healing may have itiching that will respond to benedryl or clariton

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Breast Augmentation - I Have Itchy Breast, Implants, What Can I Do?

How long has it been since your surgery?  If you are in your early recovery period (ie, the first few weeks after surgery) you need to contact your PS to make sure everything is okay.  If associated with swelling, pain, redness, fever, etc., these symptoms can be worrisome.  If isolated, though, or if it's been several months or longer since your surgery, then it's unlikely to be an urgent situation and you can contact your PS at your convenience.  In either case, there may not be a simple or adequate explanation, but you - above all else - want to make sure you're not missing a larger problem.  And that's the reason to contact your PS.

I hope that this helps, and good luck,

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Itchy Breast Implants?

Hard to answer your question without more specifics such as how far out of surgery you are etc.  Are you on medications? Is there a rash? Other parts of the body involved?

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