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Unable to Smile After Smartlipo on the Neck and Chin

Smartlipo on chin and jawline 3 weeks ago. DR. put a stitch in under chin Wore compression garment for 3 days Wore compression garment at night for 2wks. No leakage at all after procedure. Still have lumps around chin and jaw. My husband says I have lost my one of my best assets. My Smile - I can only smile with my lips closed. I try to massage my lumps. I cannot stretch my neck. Will these things go away and when?

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Liposuction of the neck


Liposuction of the neck can traumatized the motor nerve that allows you to smile. Usually the nerve is not cut, but rather is traumatized by stretching/swelling/or blunt trauma from the cannula. Give it some time. Usually within 6-8 weeks, the symptoms improve.

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