4 weeks post op, after my breast drop, will my nipple stay down? (photos)

4 week and 3 day after surgry ....430 round silimed textcured ... I think the impland too high and doctor dont lift the breast !!!! Whay he He cut the areola then??? My nipple so downhead! My breast so ugly!!!! Why my frnd have nice round breSt after surgry ?? And i dont????he told me big implant can lift my breast and told me must have 2 scar for big implant

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Implants do shift

but textured implants such as your are designed not to settle that much.  Your surgeon should have a vested interest in your outcome and if your surgeon ignores you and your concerns, you can use social media to vent your factual issues.  But if your implants do settle some,  your nipple will rotate upwards to some degree.  Best wishes in achieving your desired outcome.  And you can ask your surgeon why you have a scar around your areola if he says you did not have a lift.  Or you can request a copy of your operative report and read what was done.

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