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If IPL Does Not Cause Fat Loss What are the Indents and Sinking Caused by?

Two months out have pictures that show the lines and indents. Had three treatments on the fourth turned it up caused burns close to blisters on checks. Now have orange peel texture and deep creases where there were none. Not just I think I have before and after photos. Is there no professional who has ever seen this? Too many people have experienced the same for there not to be an issure. Is TCA peels good for this condition on aging skin?

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If you have already expressed these concerns to the doctor who did the IPL procedure, seek consultation from a Dermatologist..

Please return to the doctor who did your treatment and express your concerns.  If you have already done this and are not satisfied with the information you received, seek consultation from a board certified and well respected Dermatologist who has a lot of experience with IPL treatments and their complications.

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