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IPL for Broken Capillaries?

I have broken capillaries around the nose area. I was told IPL would be good, but I am afraid of getting burned or swollen. The test patch left small welts, but went away in a few days. I do not want welts on my face the test patch was done on my chest. Should I get just small area done on face the first time if I have procedure done?

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IPL OK Vascular Laser Better

An IPL might be effectilve, but a vascular laser such as the Versa Pulse would be much better for the type of blood vessels you are describing. If you have a number of pigmented spots besides the blood vessels then IPL might be give you the suuperior results, otherwise I would recommend the Versa Pulse which can bore in reight on the blood vessels. With the colling tip it should not be painful.

They certainly could do a test patch and then work on the area you mention as bothering you.

Good luck.

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