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Will Invisalign Work for my Underbite?

I have a pretty dramatic underbite that has been increasing over the past year. Next summer I am having orthagnathic surgery to correct it. However, I need a round of braces before the operation. Going into my senior year I don't exactly want a full mouth of braces (for the third time nonetheless). I was wondering if Invisalign would correct my bite to the point that is required for surgery or will I need actual braces?

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Invisalign would be suitable though braces may be required shortly prior to the jaw surgery

Hi, it also depends on the oral surgeon. Many oral surgeons. Would prefer some braces are attached unto the teeth prior to the surgery 

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Invisalign for an underbite

Surgical procedures are very complicated and the teeth have to fit just perfectly prior to the surgery for everything to go smoothly. Invisalign does not provide enough control to get things into that perfect position. There will also probably be special elastics you will need to wear after surgery that will need to connect to the braces themselves.

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