Can I get Invisalign before Implant but after extraction on tooth #30? I am 27 years old with good bone structure.

I have had 2 root canals done from a dentist on tooth #30. 4years after root canal, they take an x-ray and it shows that it has a huge infection;I was told I need to get an implant.My mouth still has 3 wisdom teeth causing misalignments.#30 is extracted and currently in 8 weeks of healing before implant.I would like to have invisalign implants, but readings found that ortho comes before implant.Should I get Invisalign now (before implant but after extraction)? How much Bone loss is there really?

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Invisalign Before Implant

Yes, you can and should have your Invisalign completed after the extraction, and before the implant placement. That is the proper sequence.

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