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Will Invisalign an Arch Expansion for a Wider Look?

I just had diagnostics completed for invisalign treatment. My upper arch is narrow- will invisalign automatically create arch expansion for a wider look , can this happen for the jaw as well?

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Can invisalign widen my smile?

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Neither braces nor Invisalign can make a huge change in arch width for adult patients.  The more expansion you do the less stable the final result will be meaning that if you stop wearing your retainer for a few nights, even years later, the width will begin to collapse

Saint Louis Orthodontist

Narrow arch, will invisalign expand it

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When your dentists submits the case to invisalign he/she will direct the technicians to expand the arch to achieve the look you are seeking.  You are no able to expand the jaw.

Leonard Tau, DMD
Philadelphia Cosmetic Dentist
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