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Intranasal Swelling After Septorhinoplasty

I am 17 days post op and having a very difficult time breathing through my nose. I have seen my doctor and he said everything is healing well & the obstruction is due to swelling. I'm so nervous that it is something more permanent. I have never had allergies and always had very good breathing. What indicators would exist if this is permanent obstruction? What time frame am I looking at for the internal swelling to subside and what options do i have for relief in the meantime?

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Nasal swelling


Nasal swelling is quite normal after nasal surgery.  This will take several months to resolve, and should get better.

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Intra-nasal swelling 17 days post-op



Its a little difficult to say what the cause of the obstruction is without examining the inside of your nose. At 17 days post-op its a little unusual but not unheard of. You can try Normal Saline Pray for the nose or a little Afrin for a 2 or 3 days. Give is some time, certainly by 30 days post-op you should have relief...



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