Internship Opportunity 2 Weeks After Surgery, is It Safe?

I have been given an opportunity to take an internship lead by an anesthesiologist, where I would be able to enter OR's and observe surgeries. The internship does not require me to do any lifting or strength related activities. I would start at 15 days post-op and I would have had my stitches removed before them. Right now it's been 13 days after surgery and I can fully lift my arms and move them around and I haven't felt pain since around the 8th day after surgery. Is it safe to go?

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May be safe

This is a question you should ask your surgeon. However, based on the info you've provided, it may be safe.

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Internship after surgery.

It is helpful to get back to all of our activities as soon as you can tolerate it.  The more you do, the faster you will heal.  It will certainly not adversely affect your outcome.

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Internship without vigorous physical activity okay two weeks after breast augmentation.

I personally don't see a problem with the work you're planning to start after breast augmentation. You still need the approval of your surgeon.

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Internship Opportunity 2 Weeks After Surgery, is It Safe?

Dear Casabel,

Yes, in general, if you have nicely closed wounds and you are observing surgeries without lifting, etc. this should be a safe activity.

Best Wishes,

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