Is Internal Breast Tingling a Sign of Nerve Regeneration 8 1/2 Months Post BA? Nipples Are Still Numb, So Hopeful!

I started off with total nipple numbness B/L post-op,but progressed to had 'crude touch' sensation only since most of the swelling subsided (about 2-3 months.) I started having tingling/twinge sensations (not painful)in both breasts about 2 weeks (8 month mark) ago and am hopeful that this is a sign that nerve regeneration is progressing and my nipple numbness may resolve! Is it possible or likely that this is the case? What are the chances of my regaining total normal nipple sensation? Thanks!

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Breast tingling is a positive sign


Nipple numbness is not common after breast augmentation but as they say, it does happen. Sensation will return for most and signs such as tingling within the breast, or itching, is a positive sign. After 8 months you may not have 'normal' sensation, though odds are things will continue to improve for quite some time.

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Nerve regeneration


Sensation of the nipples often diminishes at the time of surgery secondary to swelling.  Usually by 6-8 weeks they are normal. For some patients like yourself they may take up to a year to improve.  With tingling and weird sensation coming back, this is a good sign that the sensation is improving.

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Tingling of Numb Nipples after Breast Augmentation is a sign of Nerve Regeneration.


Yes, some tingling or other abnormal sensation in the Nipples which are numb after Breast Augmentation is a sign of Nerve Regeneration.

These are called Dysesthesias and are spontaneous discharges of the Nerves which are attempting to grow Myelin Sheaths ( Insulation ) around the nerve fibers.

This can be a very lengthy process-up to 5 years and the Nipple Sensation may never return to full normal.

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Nipple Sensation After Breast Augmentation


Although not common, nipple sensation disruption can happen. However, it is very common for there to be some change related to the sensation (more or less) during the recovery period. If you are showing improvement (even if it is subtle), then it is possible you are starting to show some progress toward recovery. There is no way to speed up the process, or to predict how much you will recovery.  But, progress is a good sign and you can be hopeful that this will continue to improve.

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Nipple/Areola Numbness After Breast lift?


Thank you for the question.

The fact that you have gradually had increased sensation of the nipple/areola complexes is a positive sign. Hopefully the newer sensations you are experiencing are also positive signs.

Unfortunately, there is no way to know objectively what the chances of regaining "total normal nipple sensation" is  for an individual patient.

Best wishes for total recovery.

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My nipples are numb after breast augmentation – help!


Sensory recovery of the nipples following breast augmentation can and does occur for as long as two years postoperatively. Sensation, whether minimal or unpleasant usually improves over time and again can take 48 months To become fully healed. Sometimes we suggest nipple stimulation with rubbing to desensitize these areas if they are hypersensitive or uncomfortable. In addition, nipple covers such as small silicone sheets can help desensitize the nipple and are worn inside of a bra. Dr. Joseph P Hunstad

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Is Internal Breast Tingling a Sign of Nerve Regeneration 8 1/2 Months Post BA? Nipples Are Still Numb, So Hopeful!


It is a possible sign but if you are over 8 months from the operation and still with decreased or no sensation in the N/A complex than you might need to consider this a permanent result. Sorry. 

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