Interested in Breast Lift with Minimal Scarring.

I have wanted a breast lift since I was a teen (due to weight fluctuations) but do not want the scars that go with it! I do understand scarring is inevitable, but I was hoping technology would improve as the years hasn't. I'm now 30 and I don't want to wait anymore. I'm obviously interested in techniques with minimal scarring. Additionally, my breasts are also covered in stretch marks which I'm hoping an implant will help alleviate. What would you suggest based on my pictures?

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No vertical scar-no implant breast lift

Hi, judging from your photos, you have significant skin to do my procedure. My only question to you is if you want to be larger or keep the size you now have. With my revolutionary technique I can take your excess skin and make an internal bra that will lift and produce upper pole fullnes such as that of an implant. If a lift is all that you desire, you are a perfect candidate for my procedure!

  • I reshape your breast by making an internal cone from your own tissue
  • Then, I use your extra skin to make an internal bra that lifts your breasts permanently to your chest
  • I have successfully eliminated the vertical scar
  • Your incisions are well hidden around the areola and under the natural crease under neath your breasts

Remember, that if you decide to go larger than what you are now, implants will eventually re-stretch your skin and you will eventually have the same problem you have now, except LARGER! That will be more difficult to correct! I've been doing this longer than 20yrs and trust me gravity always wins. So do your homework and choose wisely. Best of luck!

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How to get a breast lift with minimal scarring

Thank you for your question and photographs.  Fortunately you do not have a significant amount of ptosis so a circumareolar or periareolar breast lift or mastopexy should be all that is required.  When these procedures done properly by an experienced plastic surgeon the scarring should be minimal and hardly noticeable.

From your photographs I suggest that you may choose to have a small breast implant to give you the fullness and firmness that will make your breasts look their best.

The breast lift and implants will not significantly improve your stretch marks unless they are depressed.  If the stretch marks are depressed then the breast implant mayefface them a bit and improve their appearance but will not remove them.

Please read the link below for more information.  Also please consult a plastic surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, experienced in newer breast lift techniques and who has an excellent reputation in your community.

Breast lift with minimal scarring

Based on your description and your photographs, the choices to make are:

1. Circumareolar mastopexy (donut breast lift) where the scars are placed only around the areola - the best scar possible, but the downside is future stretching of the areola and less control on the skin


vertical scar mastopexy, where you will have scars around the areola as well as a scar running down from areola towards the fold under the breast - gives a better shape at the cost of the additional scarring.

2. With or without implants - if you are happy with the current breast size, you obviously won't need implants. On the other hand the mastopexy will never be able to get rid of all the stretchmarks. But an implant will fill up the breast and make the stretchmarks less conspicuous.

Now, you will have to decide whether you wish bigger breasts, and if you are happy to accept the additional vertical scar.

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Breast Lift with minimal scarring

Based on your photos it appears that you have some glandular ptosis which means much of your breast tissue lies below the nipple areola. An augment alone would not give a desirable long term result. You really would benefit with tightening of the inferior tissue which would require a lollipop lift. A small implant is placed under the muscle to give nice superior fullness. Over time scars do blend in reasonably well and unfortunately a benelli lift does address inferior laxity and redundant tissue well.

Interested in Breast Lift with Minimal Scarring

Unfortunately, despite all the innovations in technology, we have not figured out how to make scars or stretch marks disappear. Sigh. On the other hand, there are many ways that one can improve the appearance of scars. If you have a mild degree of sagging, your two choices would be a donut mastopexy with implants or lifting technique with possible implants. A good exam is necessary to determine the texture of your skin along with a consultation to see if you are a good candidate. |That is a good time to ask your surgeon the pros and cons of both methods.

George Volpe, MD
Boston Plastic Surgeon
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Minimal Scarring Breast Lift

This is a good question that is very common in my practice. The periareolar mastopexy augmentation appears that it would be a good option for you from the one picture that I see.

This will limit the scar to just around the areola, which tends to hide very well as it is at the natural transition of your areola and breast skin. The combination of the periarealar mastopexy and implant will give patients like yourself a very good result. The combination of the larger implant and periareolar lift will give you a nice round appearance. One of the most common surgeries I do is the periareolar mastopexy with an implant as this combination typically gives patients like you a very good result. The implant will not get rid of your stretch marks.

You do want to make sure that if you decide to go with a periareolar mastopexy or Benelli lift that you do the procedure with someone that has a lot of experience in this procedure as there are subtle technical details that make a big difference in the outcome of your surgery.

Consult with your board certified plastic surgeon to discuss the surgery.

I hope this helps, you look like a great candidate for a breast lift with implant and will likely have a great result!

Breast lift without scars?

Your only good option for lifting the breasts is a lift, and the lift will result in some scars.  Even if you added implants you would still require a lift.  If you will not accept the scars you should probably not do breast surgery at this time.

David Stoker, MD
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Interested in breast lift with minimal scarring.

Hello!  Thank you for your question and photos!  Given your photos, it does appear that you would be a good candidate for a breast lift +/- implants.  You are correct in the fact that incisions are inevitable, but should be kept concealed and hidden to the best of our ability.  Incisions on the breast heal very well.  It would behoove you to consider your optimal outcome over the incision placement alone.  Having an incision around your areolar complex alone may not give you the best result, but adding a small vertical incision to tighten the lower pole and give you better lift and aesthetically-pleasing appearance should be considered.  If you have implants with a lift, you may simply need an incision around the areola.  

It is normal for the breast to lose its firmness and perkiness over time, which is accentuated with age, pregnancy/breast feeding, weight gain/loss, and gravity.  This ultimately results in ptosis, or sagging, of the breast with a “deflated” appearance.  Women often seek the mastopexy, or breast lift, procedure to regain the previous youthful appearance of her breasts and desire that uplifted and perky appearance of her breasts.  Women report increased confidence, self-esteem, and femininity once she achieves this desired shape and fullness.  Breast lifts may or may not be performed with implants – the implant would add increased size but also greater fullness in the upper pole of the breasts which creates more cleavage.

So, the changes of your breasts are normal and will continue to occur.  The decision for a breast lift will be up to you...depending on how much you are bothered about the shape as well as your concerns.  Consult with a board certified plastic surgeon well-versed in breast surgery and s/he will assist you in deciding if a mastopexy will be the right decision for you.  Hope that this helps.  Best wishes for a wonderful result!

Lewis Albert Andres, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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Lift scars

An exam is needed but I bet a lollipop lift is the way to go with a smaller say 275cc implant behind the muscle. Scars fade in time but a good result sometimes requires the vertical scar and in your case I think it is needed. Good Luck!

Gregory Lynam, MD
Richmond Plastic Surgeon
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Minimal Scarring for Correcting Breast Sag

                  It’s not unusual for patients to be concerned about scarring when they undergo breast lift in combination with breast augmentation. Unfortunately, scarring following this procedure may occasionally be unavoidable.

                  The correction of breast sag requires the removal of excess skin. The more severe the breast sag, the greater the need for more extensive incisions. Every patient is unique and because of this treatment needs to be individualized.

                  Your pictures suggest relatively mild breast sag and for this reason, a periareolar mastopexy is probably a reasonable treatment option. It’s not unusual to perform breast augmentation in combination with this procedure. Under these circumstances larger breast implants should be avoided for a variety of reasons. Implants in most cases won’t improve stretch marks, but do have the potential to create wound healing problems and adverse scarring.

                  If you’re considering this combination, consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon is appropriate. This surgeon should be able to formulate a treatment plan that’s appropriate for your aesthetic goals. 

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