I Was Informed by my Dentist That There Was No Longe Any Tooth Under my Crown?

I had a crown put on a tooth about 11 years ago. Due to circumstances I have not been able to see a dentist for about 7 years. The other day I went for a check up and xrays and was told that I no longer have any tooth under my crown. He said that he is surprised that the crown has not broke. My crown has never bothered me in any way. I will go back in two weeks to see him. What are my options?

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Tooth loss under a crown

Your dentist has to remove the crown and evaluate your tooth if it is saveable or not. If not you have to extract your tooth and possible bone graft. After healing has occurred you should be able to have a bridge or a dental implant.

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Tooth Loss Is Inevitable

If your dentist has determined that there is not any healthy  tooth structure under your crown then you will lose the tooth.  The tooth will need to be extracted. After healing has occurred you should be able to have a bridge or a dental implant.  Good luck. 

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Remove the tooth

At this point, the tooth is hopeless and will be removed. An implant or bridge will be the next step.

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