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Looking to Do Lipo and Fat Transfer to my Buttocks; Will I Need Someone To Help Me With My Children For More Than 1 Week?

I`m 30 years old with 148 pounds. and 5'7.Im looking to do a lipo and fa trasnfer to my buttocks..I have now 2 childrens age 6 month and 3 years. Do you think I will need somebody to help me with my childrens for more than a week?? Do I have to stay at the bed for two weeks?? Can I go out if I fell ok?? for how long do I have to wear drain tube? I know I have to got and speak personaly with a doctor but I don`t want to lose dr time if I have to stay at bed all the time.

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Help after fat transfer

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You should plan to have help with the kids for 2 weeks since they are so young.  You will mostly be sore throughout your abdomen, flanks and hips where fat was liposuctioned.  You shouldn't sit directly on your buttock for a week and then only limited in the 2nd week.  You definitely shouldn't be in bed all that time and in fact frequent ambulation is encouraged.  NO drains needed but a compression garment will need to be worn for 4 weeks. 

Recovery after liposuction and fat transfer to the buttocks

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I do not use drains for this procedure, and I encourage a lot of post-op walking to limit the risk of blood clots. My protocol is as follows:

Wear a compressive garment for a minimum of two weeks and thereafter only as long as there is tenderness;

Walk A LOT starting the day of surgery;

Avoid sitting postures that are uncomfortable.

Simple as that. 

In terms of help: you will need someone for probably only 3-4 days depending on your children and their individual needs and schedules.

What is the Brazilian Butt lift Recovery Time?

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My post op recovery schedule is as follow. I do not routinely place drains from the liposuction. Pt's are allowed limited activity ASAP, they are instructed not to sit for 7 days, they can lie flat or stand but no sitting. After 1 week they can sit but must do so on a donut pillow. They are encouraged to do exercise at 3-4 weeks to build the gluteal muscles and continue for 6 months. You will probably need assistance for just that first week.

Lipo and fat grafting recovery

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Most of the recovery will be from soreness in the operative areas.  Depending on the extent of the procedure, most patients feel pretty good after about a week.  It is important to wear the compression garment after surgery which will also help support the tissues after surgery.  I typically do not use drain tubes for this procedure.  Walking and activity is encouraged after surgery.  It helps with recovery and prevention of blood clots.  I would not advise you to stay in bed for two weeks after surgery.

Mennen T. Gallas, MD
Katy Plastic Surgeon
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