Is Inferior or Superior Pedicle Technique Better and Why?

Is Inferior or Superior Pedicle Technique Better and Why?

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Many Techniques for Breast Reduction Surgery

A good breast surgeon uses many different techniques.  The technique should be individualized both to the person's anatomy and to any personal concerns they might have.  In general, I use a superior pedical in women with good skin elasticity (usually younger women) and an inferior or medial pedicle in women with poor skin quality or very large breasts.  Incision patterns can be altered if needed for special circumstances.  No technique is "good" or "bad" or "better" than another.  What matters is judgement and experience of the person using the technique.

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Depends on your surgeon

Each has its proponents. If you have picked a surgeon, then they will explain what they are most comfortable doing. There is not a best. I have done, superior, inferior, and medical. They are all partially central. All work.

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Actaully, IMO Central Pedicle is best!

The inferior pedicle is very prone to bottoming out for a variety of technical reasons.  It can also look flat and boxy.  The central pedicle allows the surgeon to shape the breast mound AND free hand shape the breast skin envelope for the best shape.  It is a sculpting operation and not easy to get right but in the right hands it make the best looking breasts IMO. 

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Blood supply to the nipple

I never use superior or inferior pedicule techniques because the dissection may injure the blood supply or the nerves.  The blood supply to the breast comes from the 2nd to 4th intercostal vessels that are located next to the sternum.  New breast lift or reduction techniques (Ultimate Breast Lift or Reduction) are based on these perforating vessels and are a more reliable and safer technique.

Best of Luck.

Gary Horndeski, M.D.

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The best techniques for breast reduction

You can get excellent early result with any technique. An inferior pedicle is a traditional and reproducible technique, but there are flaws with it which emerge more over time in terms of stretch of the lower breast (bottoming out). Over time I've used it less and less as I think there's better options available for long term results with medial or superior based techniques

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Pedicle Choice for Breast Reduction?

Thank you for the question.

I think you will be best off by spending your energy finding the best plastic surgeon in your area to perform your breast reduction surgery,  as opposed to selecting a plastic surgeon based on the pedicle technique that he/she prefers.

In other words, choosing your plastic surgeon is a much more critical decision that trying to find a surgeon who uses a specific technique/pedicle. Fortunately, your due diligence will be made easier than in some other areas of medicine because you should be able to see lots of examples of plastic surgeons'  results ( before and after pictures). 

I hope this helps.


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Breast reduction

Selection of the superior or inferior pedicel techniques is really a matter of personal preference of the particular surgeon.  I personally use the inferior pedicel technique and find that it gives me the best results, but as you can tell by the answers of the various surgeons that there is no unanimous agreement on the technique used.  The key is not the particular technique used but the skill of the particular plastic surgeon that is the most important consideration.  Excellent results can be obtained using a number of different techniques in breast reduction surgery just as in any othe rplastic surgical procedure.

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