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Have I Got an Infection from Breast Implants? Draining Clear Fluid.

I had silicone textured breast implants on 23/9/11 the first night I had extreme pain in left side when stitches came out left side was open and clear fluid was coming out after having it stitched & glued it still remains open & implant is exposed there has been no obvious signs of infection & I haven't been Ill implant is being removed this week any ideas what might be the cause ? Other side is fine

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Implant exposure


If the implant is exposed, it sounds like you need removal of the implant and then possibly delay of the revision for several months.

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Have I Got an Infection from Breast Implants? Draining Clear Fluid.


The standard of care is removal of an exposed implant. Than wait from 3 to 6 months to have re insertion. 

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Exposed implant


if your implant is exposed, and you are draining fluid from that breast, you have at least a low grade infection and the wound will not heal until the implant is removed. You must wait about 4-6 months for the pocket to sterilize and then re-introduce the implant. it is very rare for it to heal without removal of the implant.

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If your implant is exposed


If it is exposed two months after surgery there is very little chance that the implant can be saved.  Organisms like S.epi are known to cause clear drainage from infected prosthesis.  I would suggest removing the implant and waiting until you are healed up before attempting anther breast aug.

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Exposed Implant Almost Always Requires Removal


In almost all instances an expsoed breast implant needs to be removed.  Even though the drainage that you describe is clear, the implant is contaminated.  Since the implant has no blood supply of its own, it is virtually impossible to svae it.  You should see your surgeon without further delay.

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Breast Augmentation Complication?


I am sorry to hear about your complicated course after breast augmentation surgery. 

There are many different  reasons/ causes for the complications. Your plastic surgeon will be best suited to figure out what caused the complication,  as opposed to online consultants who do not have the benefit of examining you etc.

I am glad that you are not ill and that your surgeon is following you closely.

Best wishes with your upcoming procedure  and  any subsequent procedure  planned.



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