Infection After Vaginoplasty, How Do I Know It's Healing?

I had my surgery 8 days ago. On day 3 I started seeing pus and a weird white thing inside.. I called my doctor and he switched my antibiotics (its now cipro). It's been 5 days since I started on cipro.The weird white that was inside is now gone but there is still a lot of pus coming out (yellow watery discharge), even though it looks normal.There is some smell too :( My doctor wont be in the office here till next week and I'm really worried. How long does it usually take to stop seeing pus?

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Vaginoplasty recovery


Unfortunately, the only way to know if your recovery is normal or if you are experiencing a bacterial or fungal infection is to be seen by a well-qualified physician (preferably your surgeon). At this point in your recovery, based on your description and level of concern, I would suggest evaluation  as soon as possible by your surgeon or his/her coverage.

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