Slight Dent in Breast Implant? (photo)

I had breast augmentation 1 week ago. Yesterday I noticed a slight dent in my right implant near my cleavage. I am wondering if this is common while the implants settle and if so will it go away? I know it is very early in my recovery stage so I want to know if it is typical or possibly a sign of a larger dent or something more serious to come? I am also noticing a vibrating sensation when I move my arms. Is that air? I am seeing my PS in a week, but would love opinions in the mean time Thanks!

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Dent in breast

I see what you are talking about. It looks like your implants are under the muscle and the dent is a small band of muscle.  It will probably stretch out and go away over time.  Give it a few months.

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Slight Dent in Breast Implant

This looks like an indentation from an insertion of the pectoralis tendon into the sternum (breastbone). It is quite likely that as your body forms a capsule around the implant that this will become less noticeable, or unnoticeable. 

Thank you for your question and for the photo. All the best. 

Breast augmentation

The shape on the inner portion of your right breast is the border of your pectoralis.  As you said, it is VERY EARLY.  I wouldn't worry about it at this point.  This is far from your final result.

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Contour Irregularities Following Breast Implants

Small contour irregularities are extremely common following any surgery due to swelling.  One week is too early to draw any conclusions regarding your final result.  The vibrating sensation in your breast may be caused by friction between the implant and surrounding tissues. This is also quite common in the early stages of recovery and typically resolves on its own.   If you are concerned, you should feel free to contact your plastic surgeon prior to your scheduled follow-up appointment so that they may personally address your concerns. Good luck to you. 

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Dent in implant

Why wait a week to see your operative surgeon?? Best to be seen now with all your early postoperative concerns. I see my breast implant patients on day 2 day 5 or 7. Sounds like you need some TLC and questions answered by your chosen surgeon. Or at least call him/her to discuss these issues. 

Early asymmetry after breast augmentation surgery

It is not unusual to have minor asymmetries after breast augmentation.  The vibration that you are feeling is some air in the pocket between your breast implant and your breast tissue.  This will dissipate over the next week or so.  

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Breast augmentation at one week

At one week after breast augmentation, you are visibly swollen. Minor irregularities often correct with time.

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Contour irregularities early after breast augmentation are not a source of concern.

Implants in patients with very modest breast tissue can yield palpable and visible contour irregularities. However in the picture the patient is early in postoperative convalescence. This is too early to make a judgment.

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Dent in Breast after Breast Augmentation

             If you had very little tissue prior to the breast augmentation, feeling the ripples in the implant shell is common.  Saline or Silicone?  Saline tends to ripple more.  Hard to say for sure. 

Concerns after Breast Augmentation?

Congratulations on having undergone the breast augmentation procedure recently. The “vibrating sensation” that you are experiencing is likely air or fluid around the breast implant;  sometimes muscle spasm may explain the same sensation.

 In regards to the “dent",  it is hard to know what you are seeing without direct examination. It is possible that again that this is related to muscle spasm or you may be feeling the breast implant itself.

 Your plastic surgeon will be your best resource to answer your questions more precisely.

Best wishes; hopefully you'll be very pleased with the long-term outcome of the procedure.

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