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Are Braces Suitable for Weak and Sensitive Teeth? (photo)

Hello, I have crowded teeth which i want to correct.But as u can see from my pic that one of my lower teeth is damaged(I didnt brush properly when i was a kid so the gum is decayed due to cavities)This teeth is very sensitive and it even moves.Now im very much scared of wearing braces on the lower arch as i have the fear that braces will make this teeth weaker and it may fall out as a result!Pls help me!!And advice me on how to treat this teeth.

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Weak and Sensitive Teeth... Is orthodontics ok

You will need to consult with a periodontist who will work with an orthodontist. With modern periodontal treatments, getting the roots of your teeth and gums in a healthy state is something you really should consider doing.  If the periodontist stabilizes your teeth, then you can think about orthodontics.

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