Is Incision Healing Properly for 4.5 Weeks? (photo)

I want to make sure that the incision under each breast is healing properly. I'm not sure what is normal after 4.5 weeks. I figure some redness is to be expected, but I'm concerned about my wounds re-opening and don't know if there would be any signs that I should look out for. Thanks!

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Breast augmentation incisions

Thanks for the photos.  The incisions look like they are healing well.  The scars will be pink for several months, but this will fade over time.  There are several ways to manage the scars to optimize their aesthetics.  Discuss this with your surgeon and see what his/her preferences are.  Good luck!


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Incisions after breast augmentation

Your incisions look llike they are healing well.  Each doctor is a bit different in how they handle the long term treatment of the scar. Best to ask your surgeon.

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1 Month after Breast Augmentation and Scar Concerns

   The scars 1 month after breast augmentation do not appear concerning for anything.  The scars will mature and become less pigmented with time.

Normal Post Operative Wound Healing

Your incisions look great. It is normal to have redness this early on in your healing. In the initial 3 months of wound healing there is a significant inflammatory process which occurs, causing scarring and cleaning the wound of any foreign body (bacteria, etc.) or injured tissue that may impede or deter healing. The redness you see is due to an increase in blood flow that accompanies this inflammatory process. This will typically resolve by the end of the first 12 months as the wound has completed its' remodeling stage of healing, reaching wound maturation. It is at this point  when you will notice that your incisions will have faded and may have become almost imperceptible.

Be patient and continue to follow up with your plastic surgeon, your incisions should continue to improve with time. I hope this helps. Good luck.

Is Incision Healing Properly for 4.5 Weeks?

These incisions look completely normal in terms of healing. The maximum inflammatory stage of healing occurs at about 6 weeks, with redness and elevation of the healing incision. If you do have any concerns, your best resource is your surgeon. All the best. 

Breast Enhancement Surgery

It looks like its hanging in there but a small colection or infection may have happened and causes the implant to push on the icision, you should see your surgeon to see if you need some fluid drained 

Normal healing

Incision are healing normally. Some surgeons have protocols to improve the appearance of the scar. You do not need to be concerned about the incisions opening up.

Your scars look normal

Hello. These scars look completely normal for being only four and a half weeks post op. the redness will fade away with time. You should give it at least a year. Just be sure to avoid direct sun exposure to your incisions and talk to your surgeon for more advice.

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Is Incision Healing Properly for 4.5 Weeks?

Yes appears as very early maturation of the incision. Best to discuss with your chosen surgeon. IPL therapy might help 

Scars take

Your scars look perfectly normal for another postop. Scars can take a year or more to fade. 

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