In Hair Transplantation, How Far Does the Donor Area Extend to on the Sides of the Scalp?

In Hair Transplantation, How Far Does the Donor Area Extend to on the Sides of the Scalp?

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Donor area is the back and over the ears

You can get an idea of how far the donor area extends by looking at men who are completely bald with just a rim of hair over their ears.  The band of hair over and around the ears to the back of the scalp is considered permanent.  Doctors harvest from those areas.

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Hair Transplant

It depends on what type of hair transplant surgery you are having. Follicular unit strip surgery (FUSS) removes a portion of scalp from the back and sides of the head. The strip is elliptical in shape and usually is about five inches away from the temples on each side. The procedure is also known as strip surgery or follicular unit transplant (FUT). With follicular unit extraction (FUE), the donor area is also the back and sides of head but can be anywhere on the scalp where the follicles are sufficient for transplant. My uGraft technique is an advanced form of FUE that allows for the effective utilization of body hair as a donor resource. This is called body to head hair transplantation (BHT). This expands the donor pool vastly.


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Donor Hair area and scalp

It totally depends on how many hairs or grafts are required.  It could be well behind ears or it could proceed over to the top of the ears depending on the number of grafts. 

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How far forward is the potential donor area in hair transplantation?

The length of the donor area can be as far forward as the temples. The height can vary relative to age and balding pattern. 

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