How Can I Improve my Face? (photo)

Looking for any improvements I can make, because I am a model and aspiring actor. I am kind of a perfectionist, but any tips are greatly appreciated. I was thinking maybe a chin reduction? Also my cheeks seem to be a bit to high and defined. As for my jaw, it seems to narrow, so I thought maybe a jaw implant to widen it? The 4th pic is sort of the facial look im trying to achieve.

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Trying to achieve perfection?


You might consider aesthetic rhinoplasty surgery but it may not enhance your ability to establish a career in acting.  There is an old story of a  young man who feels he can not get any good acting jobs because he has a large nose.  He undergoes a rhinoplasty and still can not get an acting job, it turns out he was not a good actor.  I would doubt that if you have the talent that your nose would get in the way.  Good luck

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Facial Perfection


Ok, to start with you would be just fine the way you are.

If I was going to do anything I might look at rhinoplasty tip refinement.  But, I go back to my first statement.

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