Is It Possible That an Implants Valve Can Leak Saline and then Reseal Itself? (photo)

I was told that my left breast seems to have gone down a bit. I have been to three PS and the last surgeon told me that my left breast implant looks to have potentially opened from the valve but then resealed itself... Is this possible? My left implant is now measuring a 32DD as my right is still measuring a 32DDD. The left implant is very jiggly with almost no volume but the implant feels as if you have a water balloon that is half full if that helps? I am 1 yr and 7 months PO.

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Is It Possible That an Implants Valve Can Leak Saline and then Reseal Itself?

Typically when the saline implant leaks it deflates. This is clearly not the case here.  

What I see in these photos is not a leak but rather marked "bottoming out" more so on the right than the left. Nothing beats an actual physical examination, but I suspect from the size of the left breast compared with preoperative,thatof the this implant has not deflated.

At any rate I suspect the bottoming out we'll continue unless something is done surgically to reinforce the fold and to replace your implants with smaller ones.

If there is a leak your surgeon will be able to detect it by measuring the implant. 


Thanks for the question and for  the photographs. Best wishes

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Leaky implant?

In an imperfect world, I guess anything's possible.  However, the leaky valve theory is highly unlikely.  Either the valve works or it doesn't.  If the valve is defective, you would have lost volume right away.   My guess is that you have a small leak in the implant and now that the pressure has equalized, the fluid is no longer coming out.  If the left implant truly is much softer than the right, then it is probably time for a replacement.  Hope it goes well.

Is It Possible That an Implants Valve Can Leak Saline and then Reseal Itself?

Thanks for posting a series of unlabeled time span photos. But you have more issues than just a possible valve leak that ?? resealed. It appears as you are bottoming out also. Seek immediate evaluation. 

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