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Implants Were Removed 2 Weeks Ago, and my Nipples Are Caved in

I'm 28yrs-old and i had BA 5 months ago. 2 weeks after surgery when i went to follow up, my PS said, it seemed there might be blood in my left breast, so he removed blood and scar tissues. (left breast)3 month later, Capsule contracted, so I had surgery to remove capsule and replace with new implant. (left breast)1 month later, I was having pain, so removed implants. Now i'm 10 days post explant surgery. My left nipple became dark, flattened, and caved in. Will it come back? it's not necrosis?

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Nipple scarring


Your nipples have caved in because of the scarring.  Go to Babies R Us and buy yourself a breast pump for breast feeding and place it arroung the scar several times a day.  This will stretch the scar tissue and pull your nipple out.   Take the pump to your surgeon and have them show you where to place the pump for the best result.

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Scar tissue contracts, deforms the nipple


Your pictures demonstrate a scar contracture in the deep tissues, pulling your nipple/areola inward.  Massage and stretching early on is your best option.  Once the scar forms and deforms the breast it will require surgery to be corrected.


Martin Jugenburg, MD

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Deformed Nipple


Deformity of the nipple areola is due to multiple surgeries and scarring.

the breast tissue was not repaired in layers underneath the nipple areola thus forming a scar that pulled the nipple areola down and got adherent.

See your plastic surgeon, it can be repaired but I would wait 6-12 months.

Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Nipples Caved in after Breast Implant Removal?


Thank you for the question and pictures.

The “caved in” appearance of the nipple/areola is likely related to underlying scar tissue causing the nipple/ areola  to adhere to the underlying tissue.  This may slowly resolve with massage and maturation of the underlying scar.

I am concerned  about the  description of the left areola being “dark”.

Continued follow-up with your plastic surgeon is indicated;  revisionary breast surgery may become necessary.

Best wishes.

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