Will Implant Drop After Double Bubble Revision?

I had double bubble revision surgery on my left breast just today. Will the implant drop? It is considerably higher and a different shape than my right breast now.

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Double bubble revision

It really depends on the type of repair.  In suture suspensions and capsulorraphies they will stretch so initially should be a bit too high.  I prefer to convert to a subfascial plane to get solid lasting support and in this case they should not be too high after surgery.  I hope this helps!



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Revisionary Surgery for Double Bubble

It is too early to tell.. you need to be patient and allow for things to heal and settle. Keep in close communication with your surgeon and allow them to help you through the process.  Sometimes it takes months for the implants to settle.

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Will Implant Drop After Double Bubble Revision?

Very Very early in your healing to advise. If not "dropped" by week 4 than post a photo and ask again. 

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Revision after a double bubble

With a double bubble, the implant has pushed under the breast fold creating a breast on a breast effect. The repair involves resetting the pocket and lower fold to keep the implant centered and within the breast. After a repair the implant can push up slightly higher for a time until the lower breast skin envelope relaxes to accommodate the implant so be patient to see if the implant will settle in. If the implant is too large it is possible the breast will not do what you are asking it to, though more time will tell.

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Will Implant Drop After Double Bubble Revision?

Usually when a double bubble is present, the implant has descended below the level of the natural breast.  If the other side was normal, without a double bubble, then repair of just the one side will look different from the settled side for several weeks or even months.  This is because the pocket has been repaired to position the implant to the higher level where it belongs.  Because you are so soon after surgery, your tissues need to adjust, the swelling needs to go down, and the implant needs to settle into its new position before you will see your final result.  Be patient and follow the advice of your surgeon.  Good luck!

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